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Just Women (formerly Fabulous Women) was introduced by two of the following presenters -

Celia Jones, Jackie Mitchell, Alison Florence, Nicky Rudd, Trudy Austin or Claire Gibson

They talked to usually 3 local women each week about kids, work and life, to hear their experiences and/or ask for professional advice or tips for listeners.

Listen to our 2014 interviews by clicking 2014 Interviews
Listen to our special 2012 Jubilee Edition, talking to local women about their memories of the Queen and her Coronation.

And click below to listen to the 2012 Summer Specials with the following guests:

Mrs Karin Sehmer, High Sheriff of Surrey Tracey Rogers, MD of Unilever Food Solutions
Bonita Norris, Young mountaineer Linda Duberley, Media strategist
Cllr Linda Gillham, Mayor of Runnymede Cllr Mrs Janet Turner, Mayor of Elmbridge

Check out our 2013 Summer Specials with -
Mary Barry, Community Investment Manager for British Airways, and Margaret Hicks, who is the longest standing Surrey County Councillor.

2014 International Women's Day Special on 11th March on Just Women.
Celia Jones and Jackie Mitchell talk to Refeia Zaman, Woking Borough Council's Senior Equalities Officer, about the project she organised - "The Shades of Women in Woking". This invited women who work, live or study in the Borough to submit a piece of writing to celebrate that women are made up of many different shades – age, ethnicity, education, social background, ability and religion, to name a few. During the programme they read through a number of the entries that reflected women's experiences, talents, frustrations, failures, successes, dreams and aspirations. Click here to listen.

You can also listen to individual items under Kids, Work and Life below.
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Kids       {Click on name below to listen}
3 Dec 2013 Hilary Belden is from Beanstalk Charity, that trains and supports volunteers to help kids in primary schools with their reading
26 Nov 2013 Kit Oliver is the founder of FamilyLine which aims to foster the well-being of children and families in Surrey.
19 Nov 2013 Sara Keel from talks about creating the right cup to wean children off the bottle and the dental and other benefits of her cup.
12 Nov 2013 Hannah Ashenden founded, being a qualified Life Coach and mum, talks about achieving balance.
29 Oct 2013 Francesca Solis is manager of the new Barnardo's retail shop and donation centre just opened in Walton.
15 Oct 2013 Meg and Jean Bhari are from which is a charity that spreads magic to the lives of seriously and terminally ill children.
1 Oct 2013 Sharon Cannon from Indigo Yoga and Therapies teaches yoga to kids so that they can explore their creativity and imagination.
24 Sep 2013 Heidi Eldridge is founder of, the Mums And Midwives Awareness Academy, providing vital and timely information. 
17 Sep 2013 Melissa Holt, from Water Babies, which teachers children from birth to have fun in the water whilst at the same time learn survival skills.
10 Sep 2013 Eve Moreve from Ben Vestito in Weybridge has a son with dyslexia and dyspraxia and talks about encouraging kids to find their talent.
3 Sep 2013 Fiona Crossman from Ezeesport Ltd runs sports coaching sessions for kids aged 2 - 8, to encourage them to stay active and fit for life.
16 Jul 2013 Lynne Skinner is Young Enterprise Manager for East/Mid & West Surrey. YE teaches kids team work, communication and time management.
9 Jul 2013 Diane Fox writes and illustrates children's books and runs courses and workshops on the essentials of creating an appealing children's book.
2 Jul 2013 Ipshita Chatterjee is owner of Minor Edition, a Woking-based online business selling gorgeous dresses for little girls.
25 Jun 2013 Sophy Lamond & Camilla Buxton are campaigning to open Temple's Free School in Elmbridge, for kids with high functioning autism (ASD).
18 Jun 2013 Libby Williams who has published several books and poems, has been a ChildLine volunteer counsellor for the last decade.
11 Jun 2013 Martha Fairchild, activity coordinator at Surrey Young Carers, who have been supporting young carers across Surrey since 1996.
4 Jun 2013 Lorna Belchambers is from Rugby Tots who run sessions for kids age 2-7yrs, using rugby skills to create a fun and enjoyable experience.
28 May 2013 Caroline Revell is from Timeless Casting and makes copies of your baby's hands and feet in a lifelike cast for you to treasure forever.
21 May 2013 Frances Box specialises in infertility and women's hormonal problems, and practises maternity reflexology which also helps during childbirth.
14 May 2013 Dr Beccy Bowden, CEO of the charity, SATRO, an educational charity that inspires young people from age 5 about their future careers.
7 May 2013 Louise Newlands from Gymboree runs classes for the developmental stages between birth and age 5, plus tips about learning through play.
30 Apr 2013 Nina Lemon, Co-artistic Director of Peer Productions, uses peer education & drama to educate teenagers about important social issues.
23 Apr 2013 Karen Francis from is a teenage behavioural expert and gives tips on how to communicate with teenagers.
16 Apr 2013 Jessica Maybanks is Fundraising Dev Manager for The Eikon Charity in Surrey which supports local vulnerable children and young people.
9 Apr 2013 Deva Armstrong is a founder of Crafty Tales: Story telling, craft, music and drama for pre-school/primary school kids and kids' parties.
2 Apr 2013 Shelley Williams from runs singing, street dance and drama sessions for kids aged 4-16, in Thames Ditton.
26 Mar 2013 Cath is founder of which organises markets for top quality, second-hand baby and children's toys, clothes, books, etc.
19 Mar 2013 Lisa Parkes is making it her mission in 2013 to help as many children as possible (aged 7 - teens). With tips on being happy families...
12 Mar 2013 Mariette Jansen is known as Dr De-Stress - the de-stress EXPERT offers tips on reducing study stress and exam anxiety.
19 Feb 2013 Sally Turner is Assistant Curator & Education Officer at Chertsey Museum. She offers tips on how kids can get the best from a museum.
12 Feb 2013 Pippa Marriott from Sir William Perkins's School is organising the 2nd TEDx conference there. She gives tips on helping to inspire children.
5 Feb 2013 Sana Issa from runs workshops on "How to talk so kids will listen" - with tips on building good relationships with your kids.
29 Jan 2013 Maria Barrett is founder of, an on-line publishing site for youngsters aged 11-18, in daily episodes, written by young people.
11 Dec 2012 Jacqui Gillings, an Early Years Teacher at Athelstan House School, talks us about their 'Writing for a Purpose' Project.
4 Dec 2012 Gerda Skrickiene is a qualified and experienced Ante/Post Natal Fitness Professional with a new postnatal exercise for new mums.
27 Nov 2012 Tone Hughes a chiropractor for 21 years, who created Luck's Yard Clinic where they treat babies, toddlers and older children.
20 Nov 2012 Lyndsay Haslehurst from, runs baby signing classes and offers tips on encouraging babies to communicate.
13 Nov 2012 Dinah Nightingale from Monkey Music, a "leading light" in pre-school music education. Top tips on how to involve your baby in music.
6 Nov 2012 Antonia Hall from Dynamic Performing Arts/Dynamic Tots which are fun dance classes for boys/girls aged 2–5, gives tips on kids' exercises.
30 Oct 2012 Tanya Jelley from Mortimer Nannies, providing Nannies, Maternity Nurses, babysitters and more gives tips on getting the right help.
23 Oct 2012 Anna Tabush runs the Busy Lizzy Choir as well as the Community Vox Choir, to bring the thrill of group singing to parents with young children.
16 Oct 2012 Kim Pilkington from, which helps children to grow and develop, gives tips on how it can work for your kids.
9 Oct 2012 Martha Fairchild is activity coordinator, Surrey Young Carers, who support young carers across Surrey, with tips on helping young carers.
2 Oct 2012 Heather George from is a registered Senior Yoga teacher and Life Coach, who also runs yoga classes for kids.
25 Sep 2012 Janet Dunn, OBE, Head Teacher, Meath School for kids with severe & complex communication difficulties. Tips on how to develop kids' skills.
18 Sep 2012 Heather Harler from runs classes for kids to help coordination. She offers tips on helping kids improve ball skills.
11 Sep 2012 Sarah Monk works part-time as a solicitor, looks after her 2 year old and runs - she offers tips on juggling your life.
4 Sep 2012 Claire Wellard from gives Ante and Post natal exercise classes in Esher & Claygate + fitness tips for new mums.
Jul-Aug 2012 Check out the Summer Specials above.
10 Jul 2012 Emma Thorpe from offers some tips on how to find the right childcare package to fit your family's needs.
3 Jul 2012 Carol Hodges is from Homestart which supports vulnerable children and their families, offers tips for Mums who are struggling to cope.
26 Jun 2012 Dr Rita O'Flynn introduces you and your baby to baby massage and baby yoga and offers some top tips on nurturing/comforting your baby.
19 Jun 2012 Alexandra Maher, Guide Leader for 1st Weybridge Guides offers some tips on how to encourage girls to join and the benefits of Guiding.
12 Jun 2012 Rachael Smart is from Paragon Community Housing Group and offers tips on recognising when boredom in kids might become a problem.
29 May 2012 Lesley Robbins, Director of the White Lodge Centre in Chertsey with tips on particular therapies for greatest benefit to disabled youngsters.
22 May 2012 Alex Robinson, Head of Corporate & Trusts for Shooting Star CHASE, the children's hospice charity talks about her work and fundraising.
15 May 2012 Adele Cutting, a PTA member from Stepgates Community School in Chertsey talks about fundraising in the community.
8 May 2012 Pippa Marriott from Sir William Perkins's School, Chertsey talks about the first TEDx conference in her school, and gives tips on inspiring kids.
24 Apr 2012 Sarah Webb is a qualified Doula who tells us about her work and offers some top tips to pregnant mums and new mums.
17 Apr 2012 Tracy Gibbons-Nugent is mother of an 11 year-old and a Foster Carer. She gives top tips for Mums thinking about fostering children.
10 Apr 2012 Sandra Houston, Head of Midwifery, Ashford & St Peters NHS Trust in Chertsey, gives tips on what to expect when you visit the unit.
3 Apr 2012 Sam Enser from Teen Rock Choir™, for those who want to sing aged 10-21 years old. She will offer tips on encouraging the young to sing.
27 Mar 2012 Laura Sercombe, CEO of Disability Challengers, a children's charity that offers short breaks for disabled children offer tips on such respite.
20 Mar 2012 Phylly Jones from, a creative play programme for babies and kids, gives tips on creative play to aid kids' development.
13 Mar 2012 Del Cooke, Head of Sir William Perkins's School in Chertsey offers tips on how to encourage students to be successful and enjoy school.
6 Mar 2012 Joanne McGowan from, provider and creator of themed/craft parties for kids, offers some top tips on party planning.
21 Feb 2012 Sarah Nevens from, a personal life coach, offers some top tips for parents with teenagers.
14 Feb 2012 Rosie Elflain is Lead Primary Mental Health Worker, CAMHS, NW Sector. She offers parenting advice and tips for specific issues for kids.


10 Dec 2013 Linda Duberley is co-founder of, which coaches people who face the media and need to enhance their public speaking skills.
3 Dec 2013 Ashley Mills is a Scentsy Independent Consultant providing safe room fragrances. She is also a trained Reiki Therapist and Colour Therapist.
19 Nov 2013 Sarah-Jane Walters, co-owner of Bensons Hair Salon in Shepperton, is a top colour technician and talks about running a busy salon.
12 Nov 2013 Ruth Butcher from Cook Curry Surrey runs a cookery school in Walton on Thames, teaching restaurant standard, fast and easy, Indian recipes.
5 Nov 2013 Kay Durrant is the new editor of the Addlestonian Magazine, makes porcelain dolls and has her own hypnotherapy business.
29 Oct 2013 Karen Badger is General Manager of The Newlife Clinic, Epsom which deals with Women's Health, Fertility, etc.
22 Oct 2013 Linda Potgieter aims to dress and equip women in business to create full time professions by connecting their passions to a greater purpose.
15 Oct 2013 Louise Punter has been Chief Executive of Surrey Chambers of Commerce for 12 years; previously in manufacturing + business sces.
8 Oct 2013 Emma Riley is from The Art Agency in Esher which promotes original work by selected contemporary artists via their website, art fairs, etc.
1 Oct 2013 Debbie Suenson-Taylor runs, a new travel business offering travel assistance for businesses and individuals.
24 Sep 2013 Helen O'Riordan is a professional trained dancer from Italia Conti Academy Of Performing Arts now running dance classes
17 Sep 2013 Kate Palmer runs Sparrows Green Studio designing and making British hand drawn scarves depicting bees, butterflies and birds.
10 Sep 2013 Nicky Rudd from Padua Communications offers the full range of PR services and talks about the importance of social media for businesses.
3 Sep 2013 Esther Guy formed a partnership ( providing quality & personalised accountancy service to contractors.
16 Jul 2013 Angela Hollinshead is Surrey Crimestoppers Area Manager and promotes the anonymity they offer to those who pass on crime info.
2 Jul 2013 Sally Pritchett is a Director and co-owner of Something Big Ltd, a well established & award-winning, Surrey design, print and creative agency.
18 Jun 2013 Lucy Brazier is from Executive Secretary Magazine and the Virtual Assistant Magazine which offer 48 pages of training every month to PAs.
11 Jun 2013 Dorte Johansen is Marketing Assistant for the Woking and Sam Beare Hospices and has worked for them for over 3 years.
4 Jun 2013 Jane Burridge, The Lady Toastmaster, is one of the very few and acts as a master of ceremonies and also co-ordinates the event on the day.
28 May 2013 Julie Eltham, regional director of Athena Surrey, will talk about the importance of business networking and growing your business.
21 May 2013 Susie Kelly from produces bespoke cakes and cupcakes for weddings, celebrations and every occasion.
14 May 2013 Diana Ingleton is from Ceramics Cafe in Hersham which offers you the opportunity to create something that is uniquely yours.
7 May 2013 Joanne Losty is a qualified solicitor working for, a virtual law firm that provides legal services to SME's.
30 Apr 2013 Lynn Binstock is Artistic Director of Unexpected Opera, which creates unusual productions for newcomers to opera as well as seasoned fans.
9 Apr 2013 Alexandra Shields is Community Fundraiser for Sam Beare & Woking Hospices with tips on working for charities and the fundraising role.
2 Apr 2013 Glenda Hill formed designing fabulous, frivolous shower caps, with tips on building a business from a hobby.
26 Mar 2013 Dr Elaine Hickmott from advises businesses on strategic development and its benefits, with her PACE approach.
19 Mar 2013 Rhoda Nevins, embroiderer, has completed a large embroidery of the Guildford skyline to be shown at G-Live; and runs embroidery classes.
12 Mar 2013 Cara Sayer invented Snoozeshade to protect babies from harmful UV rays - offers tips on turning an invention into a business.
5 Mar 2013 Paula Pryke from is a world-renowned florist and has published 15 flower books - talks about her career in floristry.
26 Feb 2013 Lisa LaRue is Project Manager at Woking Community Job Club, with tips on how women can return to work more easily.
19 Feb 2013 Sally Lovett has written/launched The Wellbeing Guide to London for places to eat well, relax and exercise. Tips on researching your passion.
12 Feb 2013 Phoebe Alfred Head of the Catering Dept at Brooklands College, talks about her work and offers tips on a career in catering.
5 Feb 2013 Marsha Hall from designs and makes bespoke footwear and offers some tips on setting up a creative business.
29 Jan 2013 Jenny Edwards from is a stress management consultant, helping organisations to reduce sickness absence due to stress.
22 Jan 2013 Claire Peyton Jones from interviews family members to provide a record for future generations.
15 Jan 2013 Mandy Hickson, a former RAF jet pilot, now a motivational and keynote speaker offers tips on how to look at things differently.
8 Jan 2013 Jan Fuller, Cabinet member for Leisure & Culture on Elmbridge Borough Council, gives tips on working for the Council.
11 Dec 2012 Jo Irvine has launched her own couture classic fashion business and gives tips on starting your own business and dressing well.
4 Dec 2012 Lizanne Jakobs from talks about a new training grant and offers tips on how to start and grow your company.
27 Nov 2012 Kate Lester founded Diamond Logistics, providing delivery solutions and consultancy. With tips on setting up/running a profitable business.
20 Nov 2012 Clare Deniz, a professional concert cellist talks about her life and offers some tips on pursuing a career in music.
13 Nov 2012 Claire Fallon owns/runs Jacquie's boutique in Weybridge, providing quality ladies clothing & occasion wear - tips on  the fashion business.
6 Nov 2012 Ruth Fogg from, skilled counsellor, coach, and hypnotherapist helps people cope with stress at work and home.
30 Oct 2012 Valerie McBride-Munro from is a plant Agony Aunt and garden problem solver, and gives tips on building a business.
23 Oct 2012 Shelley van Lit talks about her book which she co-authored and self-published with women from 4 continents - "Beating About the Bush".
16 Oct 2012 Jane Kent is an Area Lead for, which supports women who are under-represented and possibly disadvantaged.
9 Oct 2012 Debbie Hyde, Recruitment Consultant, March Recruitment, Weybridge with tips to help your job search and to avoid the numbers game.
2 Oct 2012 Rona Wheeldon runs a successful flower blog, and gives tips on how to start and maintain a blog.
25 Sep 2012 Holly Stone from Stella and Dot jewellery, talks about 'social selling' and flexible working. She offers tips on changing careers.
18 Sep 2012 Wendy Chamier from Sesame Internet Marketing, website consultant, offers tips on how to improve your website and thus your business.
11 Sep 2012 Lesley Howes is founder of The Car Network, which offers vehicles and finance to businesses. She offers tips on carbon friendly driving.
Jul-Aug 2012 Check out the Summer Specials above.
10 Jul 2012 Robyn Hatley runs, business mentors, and gives tips for achieving business success and benefits of networking.
3 Jul 2012 Dr Beccy Bowden is CEO of SATRO which helps youngsters discover the value Science and Technology, offers tips on careers in science.
26 Jun 2012 Kim Pilkington & Lea Jaffe run Vita Choc, hand-made chocolate with vitamins/minerals/probiotic - gives tips on running an internet business.
19 Jun 2012 Corinna, founder of, which takes people on photography tours around London offers tips on working in the tourist industry.
12 Jun 2012 Nicola Douthwaite from gives tips on finding the balance when working with your partner, and organising the home/kids.
29 May 2012 Pippa Blacker from soft furnishings offers some top tips on working from home with young children.
22 May 2012 Karen Holley a garden design consultant from, has an apprentice and offers tips on how and why to take on an apprentice.
8 May 2012 Jackie Mitchell runs JM Communications offering a cost-effective PR and copywriting service. She gives tips on raising your media profile.
1 May 2012 Gina Cross, founder of A Little Bit of Art & Gas Art and sells beautiful, limited edition prints, gives tips on art management and representation.
24 Apr 2012 Liz Denham has been teaching English as a foreign language for a number of years and offers tips on learning a new language.
17 Apr 2012 Kerry Harrison from Kerry J Photography specialises in on-location family and children's portraiture, and gives tips on starting a business.
10 Apr 2012 Nicky Rudd, founder of Padua Communications, is a senior PR professional and gives tips on using PR to greatest effect.
3 Apr 2012 Monica Chard produces the local magazines Sunbury Matters and Shepperton Matters and offers tips on publishing, editing & advertising.
27 Mar 2012 Pauline Hedges from Easily England gives tips on how to maintain good relationships with contacts for mutual benefit.
20 Mar 2012 Gemma Aston is Director of The Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames, offers tips on pursuing a career in the Arts.
13 Mar 2012 Emma Bartholomew, founder of gives tips on growing a team business.
6 Mar 2012 Anne Twist, founder of, for scarves as accessories, offers some top tips on how to get an online business off the ground.
28 Feb 2012 Kerri Lister, founder of offers tips on how to promote your online business and make it work for you.
21 Feb 2012 Celia Andrews runs The Celia Andrews School of Speech & Drama and gives tips on presenting yourself with confidence.
14 Feb 2012 Caroline Spencer, Councillor and past Mayor of Spelthorne, offers tips on how to make a charitable event memorable and worthwhile.


10 Dec 2013 Doreen Pipe was appointed President of the Rotary Club of Shepperton Aurora in July 2013, having been a member of Rotary since 2002
10 Dec 2013 Sylvia Bryden-Stock has published her auto-biography entitled "From There to Here - Journey of a Skinned Rabbit" and will talk about her life
3 Dec 2013 Hilary Davies is a Nutrional Therapist and with Janey Orr, a chef, they run cookery demonstrations on, eg Christmas the Healthier Way.
26 Nov 2013 Sarah Bowen, from Pacetherapies in Cobham, specialises in massage, physiotherapy, and many other ways to keep your body at its best.
19 Nov 2013 Tacy Singleterry - a Personal wellness advisor talks about how she helps people kick their sugar habit, lose weight and reclaim their health.
12 Nov 2013 Jacquie Rollett is from which is a hub of knowledge for the children of aging parents.
5 Nov 2013 Jan Fuller, Cabinet member for Leisure & Culture on Elmbridge Borough Council talks about the 10th anniv. of Elmbridge Healthy Walks.
29 Oct 2013 Mariette Jansen is known as Dr De-Stress, the de-stress EXPERT who helps you to be happy, healthy, fit, energised and positive!
22 Oct 2013 Sarah Zorab, nutritionist, is passionate about good health through diet and for businesses, optimum health/well being for corporate teams.
15 Oct 2013 Shalini Bhalla from Just Jhoom runs a Bollywood dancercise company which offers a fun and safe way to keep fit. And a Junior Jhoom!
8 Oct 2013 Deepti Parmar is from Oakleaf, the only charity in Surrey working to provide vocational training for those with mental health issues.
1 Oct 2013 Jan Lonnen, coach/NLP practitioner from Limoncello Coaching talks about how to deal with the gremlins within you that can hold you back.
24 Sep 2013 Vicki Smith, Director of Aesthetics and an Aesthetic Practitioner at, talks about non-invasive aesthetic treatments
17 Sep 2013 Ellen May, a qualified dog listener, runs Four Paws Pet Services, specialising in dog behaviour plus agility classes and puppy socialisation.
3 Sep 2013 Dr Sherrie Baehr, a neuro-psychologist, is founder of The Silverlining Charity giving support to those who have suffered serious brain injury.
16 Jul 2013 Joanna Gaudoin runs, an Image Consultancy with the tagline "be your best self", with tips on improving your image.
9 Jul 2013 Angela Devon is Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, involved with specialist therapies.
2 Jul 2013 Beryl Dunham is the Chairman of the Surrey Federation of Women's Institutes having been a member for 9 years.
25 Jun 2013 Gilly Palmer is a medium and co-founder of "Worlds within Worlds" which aims to educate/promote communication with the spirit world.
18 Jun 2013 Judi Craddock from Peppermint Style will talk about working as a Style Coach, helping women to feel more confident about their bodies.
11 Jun 2013 Brenda Edwards is Deputy Director of the NW Surrey Samaritans (Weybridge) branch and has been involved with Samaritans since 1995.
28 May 2013 Lucy Pullen, survived brain cancer at 18 whilst studying at College. She is now busy fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
21 May 2013 Debbie Heaney is a qualified Shiatsu therapist and also teaches Tai Chi. She offers tips on handling stress.
14 May 2013 Sarah Bennett from Canary Coaching is a qualified NLP coach and uses fun techniques to get you on the right road to the future you want.
7 May 2013 Sarah Merron runs Fire Dragon Coaching with life-changing courses to help women "breakthrough" professionally/personally & trains coaches.
30 Apr 2013 Shirley Williams from Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club talks about how she got involved, the benefits of rowing and how to join.
23 Apr 2013 Rosalyn Cunnane is a Chi-Ball teacher and a graduate of the Healing Animals Organisation and offers complementary treatments for pets.
16 Apr 2013 Clarissa Robertson from the only hot yoga class in Surrey plus more traditional yoga gives some helpful tips.
9 Apr 2013 Stephanie Greenhalgh is a Family Law expert at Gordons Partnership LLP, with sound advice for couples considering a cheap "quick fix".
2 Apr 2013 Clare Morris works for which raises funds for the Neglected Tropical Diseases/ SC initiative at Imperial College.
26 Mar 2013 Sue Brown from the Visual Message offers consultations in Colour and Body Shape Analysis + workshops on Shopping/Wardrobe Management.
19 Mar 2013 Gill Buchanan, founder of, women's social groups across the South East. With tips on staying social and enjoying life.
12 Mar 2013 Leonie Wright from EatWright, is launching sessions on how to improve health by eating the right foods, plus hydration and exercise.
5 Mar 2013 Diana Menzies-Smith is an Advanced Practitioner of The Bowen Therapeutic Technique, based in Weybridge.
26 Feb 2013 Barbara Ewing runs a Centre for Holistic Wellbeing called Moonstone Light in Leatherhead specialising in Colour Therapy.
19 Feb 2013 Jill Rawlings from North West Surrey Relate talks about their new Sky WebCam service and offers tips on keeping relationships healthy.
12 Feb 2013 Ros Wells is General Manager of the new Silvermere Care Home, and  gives tips on finding the best care for elderly relatives.
29 Jan 2013 Nicky Smetham runs offering stylish,  fashionable headwear & accessories for women experiencing hair loss.
22 Jan 2013 Anne Scarderella is a Feet Reading expert who can read your personality by looking at your feet with tips on listening to your feet.
15 Jan 2013 Cherry Rudge from offering a professional de-cluttering and organising service, gives tips on staying clutter-free.
8 Jan 2013 Alison Duncan is a qualified acupuncture practitioner helping such conditions as arthritis and insomnia and offering facial revitalisation.
11 Dec 2012 Kate Lidbetter, a business coach and an enthusiastic singer who runs local choirs for adults, mostly women, talks about singing for health.
4 Dec 2012 Ulrike Pulford offers the Natural Face Lift Rejuvenation massage and offers top tips on facial care.
27 Nov 2012 Jenny Rossiter is an author, mediator, coach and human behaviour specialist with her book, Masks that Women Wear.
20 Nov 2012 Jemima Eames, an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, helps wit hall kinds of anxiety, trauma and stress  + tips on reducing anxiety.
6 Nov 2012 Kathryn Popplestone founder of, one of the first in the UK to offer eyelash extensions, offers tips on eyelash care.
30 Oct 2012 Astrid Lowe from Akana Holistic Therapies practises different forms of Eastern and Western Massage and therapies - offers tips for relaxation.
23 Oct 2012 Kat Vitou, founder of Fashion for Good, which raises money for local community charities by organising fashion and beauty events.
16 Oct 2012 Lea Jaffe from is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Life Coach and Healthy Eating Advisor and gives useful food tips.
9 Oct 2012 Anila Vaghela from creates authentic sauces, based on traditional, Indian regional recipes, gives some great cookery tips.
2 Oct 2012 Mariette Jansen offers online meditation courses for busy people at, and gives tips for relaxation.
25 Sep 2012 Elizabeth Fisher, Chairman of the Surrey Federation of Women's Institutes, talks about WI activities and the benefits of joining.
18 Sep 2012 Alison Fuller holistically treats fertility, pregnancy, menopause - any hormonal imbalances. She offers tips on recognising an imbalance.
4 Sep 2012 Judi Craddock from Peppermint Style is a colour, style and body confidence coach and offers tips on how to look and feel more confident.
Jul-Aug 2012 Check out the Summer Specials above.
10 Jul 2012 Nadine Rodgers is a Financial Adviser with St James Place Wealth Management and offers tips on how to benefit from financial advice.
3 Jul 2012 Lucie Robson from, social golf events for women,  offers some tips on golf and its benefits.
26 Jun 2012 Lynn Osborne and Fiona Jeynes from Clarity Care Consulting helping families looking for the best care for elderly relatives.
19 Jun 2012 Heather George from is a registered Senior Yoga teacher, a Life Coach, and Pilates teacher, gives tips on relaxation.
12 Jun 2012 Carolyn Pennycook, Secretary of The Weybridge Society, offers tips on getting involved with your local community and making a difference.
29 May 2012 Anne Williams, from, hypnotherapist offers tips for improving your self-confidence and dealing with anxiety.
22 May 2012 Rhiannon Ford is a divorce coach with a legal background who helps those going through a divorce and gives some tips on how to cope.
15 May 2012 Loretta Farrell organises the Godalming Independent Market, talks about her Health, Beauty & Fitness Fair raising funds for Team Hannah.
8 May 2012 Penny Waite is an EFT coach and expert at clearing phobias. She offers tips on coping and controlling extreme emotions and phobias.
1 May 2012 Judith Davis, a Breathwork Practitioner from offers tips on how to improve your wellbeing through her breathing technique.
24 Apr 2012 Sam Ashdown, founder and MD of, a specialist property consultancy, offers tips on how to sell your home.
17 Apr 2012 Susan Rayat, hypnotherapist, coach and Master Practitioner in NLP, talks about her new Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band therapy.
10 Apr 2012 Sarah Mitchell, Strategic Director, Adult Social Care at Surrey County Council on how to access community care/services for older people.
3 Apr 2012 Margaret Lodge, Secretary, Shepperton/Walton/Weybridge group of the National Women's Register offers tips on keeping an active mind.
27 Mar 2012 Janine Jones from Shepperton PhysioFirst Centre, gives tips on keeping injury-free when gardening or using a computer.
20 Mar 2012 Nicola Drake, a local, qualified beautician/therapist with many years experience, offers top tips on how to stay beautiful - and Fabulous!
13 Mar 2012 Julia Tilbury from, a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor gives tips on keeping active and healthy.
6 Mar 2012 Bianca Hill is a Personal Shopper and Stylist at Debenhams in Walton-on-Thames and give some tips on creating your own style.
28 Feb 2012 Norma Corkish is Chair of Citizens Advice Surrey, and will give tips on where to get good advice when you need it.
21 Feb 2012 Sally Pemberton is a local bee keeper, and will offer tips on how to set up your own hive and details of the products created from her bees.
14 Feb 2012 Leonie Wright from, a healthy eating programme, gives tips on healthy eating and how to lose weight without a "diet".

Earlier interviews with the following guests are held in our archives and individual recordings can be requested by emailing, or listen to the complete programme via the Feedburner link above.

Guest Organisation Date of Show
Sally Asling Author 13 Sept 2011
Sally Asling SurreyLets Ltd 25 Oct 2011
Trudi Austin   15 Nov 2011
Debbie Blott 7 Feb 2012
Diana Boulter DBA Speakers 8 Nov 2011
Joanna Bristow-Watkins 10 Jan 2012
Maria Buckley-Garnham Osteopath 24 Jan 2012
Lorraine Clements Jigsaw Care Services Plus 17 Jan 2012
Elaine Cole Botanica Medica 24 Jan 2012
Sandra Collins Totally You Consulting 8 Nov 2011
Pauline Crawford Corporate Heart 4 Oct 2011
Anne Denny Hypnotherapist 7 Feb 2012
Dr Caroline Dibnah NW Surrey CAMHS 18 Oct 2011
Duda Duda Does 27 Sept 2011
Nadia Finer More to Life than Shoes 20 Sept 2011
Amanda Fisackerly 6 Dec 2011
Mary Forde The Avenue Cookery School 13 Dec 2011
Dr Elizabeth Goren Author and psycho-analyst 27 Sept 2011
Charlotte Grant Assistants Granted 20 Sept 2011
Jane Hardy One Stop Financail Security 31 Jan 2012
Gill Harvey-Bush Psychologist 20 Sept 2011
Heather Heber Percy The County Register 8 Nov 2011
Karen Henfrey Chrysalis Family Wellbeing Consultancy 27 Sept 2011
Christine Hillier Arthritis Research 25 Oct 2011
Shân Hughes 13 Dec 2011
Dr Teresa Layer GlaxoSmithKline Weybridge 18 Oct 2011
Ching Lee Your Holiday Planner 1 Nov 2011
Cllr Vivienne Leighton Spelthorne Council 1 Nov 2011
Pam Ling   11 Oct 2011
Rachel McLean For Sanity's Sake 29 Nov 2011
Aileen McLeish Ashford & St. Peter's NHS Foundation Trust 29 Nov 2011
Sara McMullen Walk-in Centres and Outpatients for NW Surrey 4 Oct 2011
Charlotte Miller Paediatric music therapist 10 Jan 2012
Maria Morris Wellbeing Therapist 13 Dec 2011
Claire Neill Surrey Community Health 22 Nov 2011
Rhoda Nevins Soft Impressions 17 Jan 2012
Joan Nicholson CREST 29 Nov 2011
Jackie Nield 31 Jan 2012
Lisa Parkes Lisa Parkes Life Coaching 6 Sept 2011
Claire Pelenc The Athena Network 7 Feb 2013
Alison Persson 1 Nov 2011
Helen Roome 10 Jan 2012
Cllr Denise Saliagopoulos Surrey County Councillor 22 Nov 2011
Paullette Schwartz 6 Sept 2011
Prabha Shiyani 13 Sept 2011
Daphne Sohl Weybridge Sure Start Children's Centre 25 Oct 2011
Jo Tapp Elmbridge Museum 6 Sept 2011
Allegra Taylor Celebrant 11 Oct 2011
Carmela Tomkins Cook/caterer 6 Dec 2011
Pam Walmsley Sam Beare & Woking Hospices 17 Jan 2012
Mary Waring Financial Adviser 18 Oct 2011
Alison Warner   4 Oct 2011
Lorraine Weedon Sam Beare & Woking Hospices 31 Jan 2012
Anne Williams 24 Jan 2012
Margaret Willis   22 Nov 2011
Pauline Woods Born Too Soon 6 Dec 2011
Sheena Worsfold Surrey Community Health 11 Oct 2011
Inga Woudstra 15 Nov 2011
Rebecca Younger Surrey Herald 13 Sept 2011
Uzma Zaidi Good Health Matters 15 Nov 2011