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Just Women

Just Women

(formerly Fabulous Women)

Every Tuesday at 1pm

Just talking to interesting, intriguing and inspiring women of all ages

Repeated on Thursdays at 8pm.
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Just Women is introduced by two of the following presenters -

Celia Jones, Jackie Mitchell, Alison Florence, Nicky Rudd or Claire Gibson.

We talk to a maximum of 3 local women each week about one of the three areas below, to hear their experiences or ask for professional advice:

Kids Work Life
Pre/post natal, new mums, primary age, teenagers,
students, empty nest
Return to work, starting work, career progression, redundancy, retirement, starting/running a business Self improvement, health, fitness, money, travel, relationships, spirituality, elderly parents

Listen to previous interviews, and our Summer Specials, from the last 3 years by clicking Just Women Archive.

If you'd like to ask a question or make a comment before the programme, to any of the guests listed below, or suggest a potential guest, please email

International Women's Day special on 11th March on Just Women.

Celia Jones and Jackie Mitchell talk to Refeia Zaman, Woking Borough Council's Senior Equalities Officer, about the project she organised - "The Shades of Women in Woking". This invited women who work, live or study in the Borough to submit a piece of writing to celebrate that women are made up of many different shades – age, ethnicity, education, social background, ability and religion, to name a few. During the programme they read through a number of the entries that reflected women's experiences, talents, frustrations, failures, successes, dreams and aspirations. Click here to listen.

You can also listen to individual items under Kids, Work and Life below.

Next programmes -

22 Apr 2014   Another chance to hear Celia Jones and Jackie Mitchell talk to Margaret Hicks.

Margaret is the longest-standing Surrey County Councillor, having served Hersham since 1989.
She talks about her early years, having children abroad, working in a variety of roles at the Council and her numerous charity interests and the choirs she both sings for and directs. All this and top tips too!!
(first broadcast 27/8/2013).

15 Apr 2014   Another chance to hear the Just Women Special from 11th March
Presented by Celia Jones and Jackie Mitchell
A Just Women Special to mark International Women's Day on 8th March.
Last month Woking Borough Council set up a project, "The Shades of Women in Woking" inviting women who work, live or study in the Borough to submit a piece of writing to celebrate that women are made up of many different shades – age, ethnicity, education, social background, ability and religion, to name a few.

Submitted articles reflected on the shades that inspire women and make them who they are – their experiences, talents, frustrations, failures, successes, dreams and aspirations.

Refeia Zaman, Woking Borough Council's Senior Equalities Officer, who handled the project will be in the studio, and a number of entries will be read out and discussed live on air.

08 Apr 2014   Presented by Celia Jones and Claire Gibson
Kids Alison Barnett is on the committee for the Ajax Sea Scouts based in Thames Ditton, who provide a wide range of water activities for boys and girls aged 6 upwards. They are also authorised to teach and award nationally recognised boating qualifications. Alison will talk about their club and its benefits for young children.
Work Valerie Walwyn is Chief Executive of the Surrey Save Credit Union. With a background in education and the voluntary/charitable sector she now heads up this ethical community bank for Surrey. She will talk about her work and how they benefit the community.
  Life Claire Morris is a representative from Wateraid which works specifically on the WASH crisis: water, sanitation and hygiene. Their vision is of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation. Claire will talk about recent fundraising events and how to get involved.

01 Apr 2014   Presented by Celia Jones and Nicky Rudd
Kids Karen Huntera former professional tennis player, is now a coach at Premier Tennis Tots, designed to get 3-5 year olds active and learning new skills in an exciting and social environment. She will talk about getting kids involved in sport at an early age and its benefits.
Work Sarah Shorrocks runs her own interior design company, Outstanding Interiors, based in Weybridge, and is experienced in both domestic and commercial projects. She believes that good design is a partnership between client and designer, and will talk about how she developed her business.
  Life Rachel Bloodworth is Senior Communications Manager at WWF-UK (World Wildlife Fund), whose mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. She will talk about their fundraising events and being a volunteer to help animals in need.

25 Mar 2014   Presented by Alison Florence and Jackie Mitchell
Kids Jo Anne Newsonis the Principal at Newson Academy in Pyrford. She started the Academy in 2007 and now The Academy has now grown into a school providing quality training by trained professionals at affordable prices for over 30 children. Jo Anne will talk about the benefits of drama for kids.
Work Philippa Hennessy publishes "Darling" a new women's lifestyle magazine covering Cobham & Esher. She will talk about how it started, what stories she's looking for and give tips on running a business.
  Life Alice Davey is owner of Lock Cottage Flowers, working in their ex-lockkeeper's cottage and garden to produce stunning gift bouquets and floral displays. She is passionate about using seasonal British flowers and foliage and grows a lot of her own flowers used in the displays. Alice will give some useful floral tips.


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18 Mar 2014 Rowan Johnson from Yellow Brick Road runs programmes designed to support the young through their education and into their first job.
04 Mar 2014 Hilary Pannack is CEO of which exists to reduce the high rates of teenage pregnancy and support/empower teenage parents.
25 Feb 2014 Yasmine Giles is a professional singer/songwriter, piano and keyboard player, who teaches singing and piano and talks about the benefits for kids.
18 Feb 2014 Ali Graves is from Thula Mama a close harmony singing group for parents with young babies which has just been set up in Walton.
04 Feb 2014 Katy Anne Robinson runs her own dance school in Laleham and Shepperton for kids of all ages, She will talk of the benefits of dance to kids.
21 Jan 2014 Vicky Burr from runs kids yoga classes on Sundays in Weybridge talks about the benefits of yoga for kids wellbeing.
14 Jan 2014 Melissa Carter is co-founder/Principal of Bloo House School, Esher for 5-11 year olds, committed to all-round and holistic education for kids.
3 Dec 2013 Hilary Belden is from Beanstalk Charity, that trains and supports volunteers to help kids in primary schools with their reading.
26 Nov 2013 Kit Oliver is the founder of FamilyLine which aims to foster the well-being of children and families in Surrey.
19 Nov 2013 Sara Keel from talks about creating the right cup to wean children off the bottle and the dental and other benefits of her cup.
12 Nov 2013 Hannah Ashenden founded, being a qualified Life Coach and mum, talks about achieving balance.
29 Oct 2013 Francesca Solis is manager of the new Barnardo's retail shop and donation centre just opened in Walton.
15 Oct 2013 Meg and Jean Bhari are from which is a charity that spreads magic to the lives of seriously and terminally ill children.
1 Oct 2013 Sharon Cannon from Indigo Yoga and Therapies teaches yoga to kids so that they can explore their creativity and imagination.
24 Sep 2013 Heidi Eldridge is founder of, the Mums And Midwives Awareness Academy, providing vital and timely information. 
17 Sep 2013 Melissa Holt, from Water Babies, which teachers children from birth to have fun in the water whilst at the same time learn survival skills.
10 Sep 2013 Eve Moreve from Ben Vestito in Weybridge has a son with dyslexia and dyspraxia and talks about encouraging kids to find their talent.
3 Sep 2013 Fiona Crossman from Ezeesport Ltd runs sports coaching sessions for kids aged 2 - 8, to encourage them to stay active and fit for life.


18 Mar 2014 Kitty Dann Elmbridge Reporter on the Surrey Advertiser, will talk about life as a journalist, reporting on local issues and the benefits of being a journalist.
04 Mar 2014 Philippa Heaton has been involved with horses for over 30 years, and is now a Bowen Technique Practitioner for humans, and horses and dogs.
25 Feb 2014 Jennifer Sutton a former PR Manager in the City, formed Jen's Cupcakery to indulge her love of baking.
18 Feb 2014 Marian Forrest from offers a one-stop shopping experience for quality, creative furnishings, with the emphasis on providing a personal touch.
04 Feb 2014 Janet Shell is a professional mezzo soprano and singing teacher. She set up "Talking Voice" to train teachers to use their voice most effectively in class.
28 Jan 2014 Elkie Holland runs two businesses, one in property and the other IT Recruitment. She applies dedication, discipline and determination, to her work.
14 Jan 2014 Jane Bronwyn Holder runs JBH Counselling in Shepperton and is a qualified, integrative, therapeutic counsellor and member of the BACP.
10 Dec 2013 Linda Duberley is co-founder of, which coaches people who face the media and need to enhance their public speaking skills.
3 Dec 2013 Ashley Mills is a Scentsy Independent Consultant providing safe room fragrances. She is also a trained Reiki Therapist and Colour Therapist.
19 Nov 2013 Sarah-Jane Walters, co-owner of Bensons Hair Salon in Shepperton, is a top colour technician and talks about running a busy salon.
12 Nov 2013 Ruth Butcher from Cook Curry Surrey runs a cookery school in Walton on Thames, teaching restaurant standard, fast and easy, Indian recipes.
5 Nov 2013 Kay Durrant is the new editor of the Addlestonian Magazine, makes porcelain dolls and has her own hypnotherapy business.
29 Oct 2013 Karen Badger is General Manager of The Newlife Clinic, Epsom which deals with Women's Health, Fertility, etc.
22 Oct 2013 Linda Potgieter aims to dress and equip women in business to create full time professions by connecting their passions to a greater purpose.
15 Oct 2013 Louise Punter has been Chief Executive of Surrey Chambers of Commerce for 12 years; previously in manufacturing + business sces.
8 Oct 2013 Emma Riley is from The Art Agency in Esher which promotes original work by selected contemporary artists via their website, art fairs, etc.
1 Oct 2013 Debbie Suenson-Taylor runs, a new travel business offering travel assistance for businesses and individuals.
24 Sep 2013 Helen O'Riordan is a professional trained dancer from Italia Conti Academy Of Performing Arts now running dance classes
17 Sep 2013 Kate Palmer runs Sparrows Green Studio designing and making British hand drawn scarves depicting bees, butterflies and birds.
10 Sep 2013 Nicky Rudd from Padua Communications offers the full range of PR services and talks about the importance of social media for businesses.
3 Sep 2013 Esther Guy formed a partnership ( providing quality & personalised accountancy service to contractors.


04 Mar 2014 Melanie Bussicot is Assistant Director for District and Borough Council Partnerships and Adult Social Care at Surrey County Council.
04 Mar 2014 Linda Cairns is Event Director of Park Run in Guildford, which is part of a national campaign to help people/families get fit.
25 Feb 2014 Heather Ravenscroft is Senior Fundraising Manager at The Eve Appeal, the national gynaecological cancer charity.
18 Feb 2014 Liz Denham a teacher from the Weybridge International School of English (WISE) talks about teaching English as foreign language.
04 Feb 2014 Moira Edwards was involved with Spelthorne Talking News for the Blind and was also Chairman of the Sunbury and Shepperton Arts Association.
28 Jan 2014 Rhoda Nevins from, talks about her Tassel Making embroidery course in Pirbright Village Green.
14 Jan 2014 Lynda Smith runs Paws in Harmony, a dog training club in Staines and is a qualified Kennel Club Judge and Dog Trainer for over 30 years.
10 Dec 2013 Doreen Pipe was appointed President of the Rotary Club of Shepperton Aurora in July 2013, having been a member of Rotary since 2002
10 Dec 2013 Sylvia Bryden-Stock has published her auto-biography entitled "From There to Here - Journey of a Skinned Rabbit" and will talk about her life
3 Dec 2013 Hilary Davies is a Nutrional Therapist and with Janey Orr, a chef, they run cookery demonstrations on, eg Christmas the Healthier Way.
26 Nov 2013 Sarah Bowen, from Pacetherapies in Cobham, specialises in massage, physiotherapy, and many other ways to keep your body at its best.
19 Nov 2013 Personal wellness advisor Tacy Singleterry talks about how she helps people kick their sugar habit, lose weight and reclaim their health.
12 Nov 2013 Jacquie Rollett is from which is a hub of knowledge for the children of aging parents.
5 Nov 2013 Jan Fuller, Cabinet member for Leisure & Culture on Elmbridge Borough Council talks about the 10th anniv. of Elmbridge Healthy Walks.
29 Oct 2013 Mariette Jansen is known as Dr De-Stress, the de-stress EXPERT who helps you to be happy, healthy, fit, energised and positive!
22 Oct 2013 Sarah Zorab, nutritionist, is passionate about good health through diet and for businesses, optimum health/well being for corporate teams.
15 Oct 2013 Shalini Bhalla from Just Jhoom runs a Bollywood dancercise company which offers a fun and safe way to keep fit. And a Junior Jhoom!
8 Oct 2013 Deepti Parmar is from Oakleaf, the only charity in Surrey working to provide vocational training for those with mental health issues.
1 Oct 2013 Jan Lonnen, coach/NLP practitioner from Limoncello Coaching talks about how to deal with the gremlins within you that can hold you back.
24 Sep 2013 Vicki Smith, Director of Aesthetics and an Aesthetic Practitioner at, talks about non-invasive aesthetic treatments
17 Sep 2013 Ellen May, a qualified dog listener, runs Four Paws Pet Services, specialising in dog behaviour plus agility classes and puppy socialisation.
3 Sep 2013 Dr Sherrie Baehr, a neuro-psychologist, is founder of The Silverlining Charity giving support to those who have suffered serious brain injury.

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