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I am Brooke Mayfair

The First Show is on
Saturday 14th May at 5pm

Then the first Sunday of each month at 1 pm

The monthly organic music show that finds the talent out on the streets with Amanda Neal and Rachael Hughes introducing Brooke Mayfair self-styled music guru scouring the streets of Surrey and beyond to bring you the best fresh organic new musical talent featuring street musicians.

Sunday 4th December

Ben Jammin and Nick Heywood join Amanda for Sunday's show.

Where did the idea for "Brooke on the Street" come from?

I worked on the London music scene for several years, booking acts for major venues and hosting my own shows starring up and coming singers and bands which have since gone on to become household names. I have to say that the shows were pretty damned good by the way. Anyway, one of the things I used to like to do to unwind was to go and watch people busking in places like Covent Garden and Camden. It was interesting to go from working with artists groomed and managed by record companies to watching 'real' people performing the music they can get seen. I may be from Kensington but I have to confess I do like a bit of grittiness now and again.

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