Brooklands Radio Supports The Cool Activity Zone Project

PRESS RELEASE 4th September 2014

Cool Activity Zone (Walton) - empowering people

An exciting new 'not for profit' project aimed at teenagers and other age groups to provide a range of physical and creative activities in the centre of Walton. Accessible for people with disabilities.
This project aims to:
  • promote an active & healthy lifestyle
  • improve the quality of life of individuals & communities, promote social inclusion, raise self-esteem & confidence and widen horizons
  • promote the identification of natural talents and skills to reveal individual competencies and group identity
  • provide a supportive/alternative environment promoting fun & enjoyment, creating wider social networks, social cohesion and opportunities to form new friendship groups
  • create strong community networks and greater integration/cross organisation working (drawing the community together)
  • provide job opportunities/training & support and career development
  • deliver a mentoring programme to empower individuals
The project group has been offered a 5 year development lease on the first floor of the Carpetright store in the centre of Walton. On the list of proposed activities are 'high impact' boxing, fencing, marshal arts etc.; 'low impact' pilates, yoga, tai chi etc.; a music studio, recording booth, creative & formal dance, painting, sculpture, basic vehicle maintenance etc. It will also have a 'Chill Out Zone' cafe.

We need help to get this unique project up and running.

Can YOU help? - through giving your time, expertise and enthusiasm.
We need organisers, someone with a legal background, teenagers, parents of teenagers, housewives, people in community groups - EVERYONE!
Phone Dick Moore on 020-8224-2061 or email Cool Activity Zone

Dick is available for interview and/or follow-up
Dick Moore
20 Buckingham Gardens
West Molesey
Surrey KT8 1TH

See Cool Activity Zone website for more details.