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Jill Living Beautifully

Jill has recently started a new Facebook page on her journey to a plant based diet.

You can like the page here:

and why not like her Living Beautifully page at

Jill Bennett with features on health and wellbeing including interviews with expert with tips to improve your health and lifestyle.

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Jill's Mindset for Success

A strong "Mindset for success" is really key for your life, and business because we know that we get knock downs in life all the time. A really strong mindset for success will make all the difference and keep you going.
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Starting your day strong – part 1 SAVERS and S for silence or meditation
Starting your day strong – part 2 SAVERS – A for Affirmations
Starting your day strong – part 3 SAVERS – V for Visualisation
Starting your day strong – part 4 SAVERS – E & R for Exercise & Reading
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Positive thinking and talking.
Courage & Confidence
Feeding your mind