The War in Ukraine

As we all saw, on 24th February Russia invaded the beautiful and peaceful country of Ukraine.

The Russian military has killed many thousands of Ukrainian civillians and carried out atrocities and war crimes in it's desperate attempts to frighten and subjugate the population.

More than 4 million Ukrainians have left their country to seek safety from the Russian forces.
Many Russian soldiers have also died in the fighting - often not even knowing why they were sent to Ukraine.

Brooklands Radio has interviewed people in Surrey helping the refugees and also talked with refugees. You can listen by clicking the links below in the Listen To Ukraine box.

Ukraine Flag

Local People Making a Difference

McCarthy Aid have organised convoys of vans to refugee camps in Slovakia.

Raj Kumari visited Slovakia to see the refugee camps and understand what the people need in long term help to get their lives back again.

One of many groups helping families bring Ukranian refugees to the UK,

Sergey Storm is raising money to buy an ex NHS ambulance and medical equipment to take to Lviv.

Alla Gancz is organising a truck load of donations to go to Northern Ukraine where people are in desperate need Just Giving Weybridge Support for Ukraine

National Organisations

Unicef helps chidlren in Ukraine UNICEF

Disasters Emergency Committee DEC You will have seen their adverts on TV

The Redcross Crisis Appeal British Redcross

The Ukraine Institute of London is a registered charity Ukraine Institute

UK Government How Can You Help

Listen to Ukraine