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Stars Over Surrey

Rachel Dutton

Rachel Dutton FRAS

Stars Over Surrey

On the last Tuesday of the month at 8.0pm

The Orion Nebula

This photograph was taken by Max Dobres of Guildford Astronomical Society. Copyright © Max Dobres 2023

This image shows a section of the Orion constellation, a Winter constellation and favourite among astronomers and astrophotographers. This section shows a portion of the stars on the belt with the Flame (NCG 2024) and Horse Head (NGC 2023) nebulas near the bright star Alnitak, the left star of Orion's belt. On the right, you can see the famous Orion Nebula (M42), the middle "star" of Orion's Sword and the Running Man Nebula (Sh2-279), the top "star" of the sword.

Graham Laycock introduces Rachel Dutton FRAS from the Guildford Astronomical Society with a monthly review of space news, astronomical matters including a review of the past month's discoveries, events and space missions, Astrocast what to look for in the night sky over the coming month, forthcoming talks and events. 

Click here for the archive of the previous series with John Axtell.

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Arara Borealis over Surrey Houses

© Rachel Dutton FRAS 2024 - Aurora Borealis over Guildford.

Moon Painting

Veil Nebula

© Max Dobres 2023